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Hey, There!
I’m Yusuf.

On this page I will briefly explain who I am, my professional life and what I did till now in cronoligical order.

1982: I was born in Bursa city of Turkiye, when my mother and father were working there.

1982-1988: I lived in Bursa, Sogukpinar village and Yenice town of Bursa till I was six years old, with my family.

1988: We moved to my mother’s and father’s hometown Serinhisar, Denizli, Turkiye.

1988-1993: I studied in primary school in Serinhisar. Name of my primary school is Mehmet Akif Ersoy Ilkokulu. I am still visiting that building when I am in Serinhisar. I graduated with a great degree from the primary school.

1993-2000: I studied in secondary and high schools in Acipayam, Denizli. I studied in same school (Acipayam Anatolian High School). I was travelling every day between Serinhisar and Acipayam to study with school bus, minibus or service. The biggest advantage of this school for me is to learn English since we were studying English 24 hours per week at that times. I graduated with a 2nd grade degree from the high school.

2000: I started university in Izmir city of Turkiye. I started studying at Electrical and Electronics Engineering department of Dokuz Eylul University.

2000-2004: I stayed in Buca and Bornova central towns of Izmir when I am studying. I graduated from the university with a 5th and BSc degree.

2004-2006: After graduation, I immediatedly started working as a test engineer in a private company (Vestel Electronics Inc.) located in Manisa city of Turkiye. I was working at EMC test laboratory of R&D department of TV manufacturing factory. I was testing TVs and similar products (PCs, A/V products, IT equipments, radio devices) and issuing test reports. My EMC knowledge was expanded day by day and learnt many details from existing EMC experts of the same company. On December 2006, I stopped working for my obligatory military service.

2006-2007: I was in Ankara, Turkiye for six months of military service. I was working at army like an officer due to my computer skills.

2007-2008: I continued working at Vestel Electronics, Manisa, Turkiye one year more. At this period, as Senior EMC Engineer, I was responsible for EMC test engineers and technicians, and were checking EMC test reports.

2008-2015: Aselsan Inc, Ankara, Turkiye

2015-2016: Emitel-Tr (CSA Group), Izmir, Turkiye

2016-still: I started my own company with two business partners. I was the Co-Founder of Egetest Center Elektrik Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi company which is located in Izmir, Turkiye. I am still owning this company and directing it. This company is also known as Testups Turkiye.

2018-still: I started a new company located in Budapest, Hungary: Ege Test European Kft. I am still owning this company and directing it. This company is also known as Testups Hungary.

2018-still: I started a new company located in Dublin, Ireland: Testups Ireland Limited. I am still owning this company and directing it. This company is also known as Testups Ireland.

2021: I got digital marketing course and I have been certified by Digital Marketing Institute (Ireland). I am a Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

2023-still: I started a new company located in Boston, MA, United States: Testups, LLC. I am still owning this company and directing it. Testups started its activities in US.

My Motto

“Run Forrest Run!”

My Mission

“Let’s liberate the world!”